Testing Programmers: Puzzles Or Mini Web-Apps?

As you know, I like to sponsor web application programming contests, for example, thisthis, and this

In a recent conversation with an Android programmer, he asked why I don't follow Google's practice of asking people to solve puzzles. According to him, people who can solve programming puzzles can definitely build webapps, but many people who build webapps can't solve programming puzzles. I asked why these programming puzzle solving geniuses can't learn Python to write simple webapps for cash, and I think he said it's because basic webapps are not cool enough to interest them.

What do you think? If interviewing a programmer for a role on your team, would you ask the programmer to solve programming puzzles or would you ask them to develop something simple but complete like a mini webapp? Which approach will result in the best, most productive hire? 

48 comments :: Testing Programmers: Puzzles Or Mini Web-Apps?

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  18. Why is everyone not commenting based on what seun wrote..anyway very typical of Nigerians. Well from my own view I don't think web puzzle is necessary to pick a candidate rather I will not suggest asking them to build a simple web app. Resadon is not all programmers are vast in all languages.some may be good at a particular one and just have the idea of another.Again there is this saying in local palance that "ona kan ko woja" I.e there are so many ways to a market place.Am a php programmer and I may know a certain way of solving a problem, what if the method you the puzzler used is alien to me?.
    Sorry for the long reply

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  20. If I am to hire a developer, to join me on my team i'd probably make the developers go through a hackathon. See the first to do some web app quickest. And then let each contestant find problems in the competitors app.

  21. My own suggestion is for applicants to solve a given problem using the language they know best and suit the particular problem. Just like my prof would say " Writing codes is not the problem but solving it".

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  40. For me, I will ask him to solve some programming puzzles because I want to know how he's thinking if he can solve this so it means that he has some logical knowledge that others has not. best adjustable dumbbells by ShizzK.




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