Smallest And Largest Floating Point Values In Python

In my production code, I have a function that calculates a/(a+b). That function threw a ZeroDivisionError at me this afternoon, so I decided to change the equation to a/(a+b+sys.minfloat), because I felt that was more elegant than writing a conditional function to check if (a + b) == 0.

Turns out there is no 'minfloat' in the sys module, so I decided to write a function to calculate the smallest float myself.
>>> def minfloat(guess):
while(guess * 0.5 != 0):
guess = guess * 0.5
return guess

>>> minfloat(+1.0) # minimum positive value of a float

>>> minfloat(-1.0) # minimum negative value of a float

But I couldn't stop there. Now I had to write a function to calculate the largest possible floating point value in Python, just for kicks:
>>> def maxfloat(guess = 1.0):
while(guess * 2 != guess):
guess = guess * 2
return guess

>>> maxfloat(+1.0) # maximum positive value of a float

>>> maxfloat(-1.0) # maximum negative value of a float

This is interesting. Let's find out more about this "inf" value:
>>> inf

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1, in
NameError: name 'inf' is not defined
>>> float("inf")

>>> inf = maxfloat()

>>> inf + inf

>>> inf - inf

>>> 1 / inf

>>> 1/(-inf)

Finally, check the relationship between minfloat and maxfloat:
>>> 1 / minfloat(1.0)
>>> 1 / minfloat(-1.0)

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  1. You can actually get the inf float by doing float('inf').

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  3. a/(a+b+minfloat) isn't a complete fix. If a+b==-minfloat, then you still get a divide by zero. For this to be true, you need a and b to be quite small otherwise the smallest amount they can differ by is greater than minfloat (whereas b can always equal -a, whatever the size of a)

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  5. funny my own minfloat kept returning 0.5 and -0.5 respectively. any help as to why? i'm a python programmer.

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