Solutions To India's Girl Baby Murder Problem

In response to Umari Ayim's post about the practice of female-infanticide in India (poor people killing their baby girls because they can't afford to raise them and pay their dowries when they are of age), I suggested two ways to solve the problem:

1) A dirt-cheap and speedy adoption process, open to locals and foreigners of any religion or orientation. There are many people in the world who would give anything to have a baby girl. The adoption process should probably include some monetary compensation for the biological parents.

2) Legalization of early stage abortion (up to 3 months or so) for any reason or purpose whatsoever, such as the fetus being the wrong sex. Abortion is awful, but it's not as awful as parents killing their own children or abandoning them, or abusing them. In other words, legalize the lesser evil to prevent a more terrible one.

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  1. Nice. However, India might have a long-term problem on its hands. 18 - 25 years from now, there will be a lot more young men than women. Their government needs to keep an eye out for that.

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  3. evil is evil! an abandoned/abused child still has an oppturnity to make something out of her life! as opposed to a dead child

  4. I think miss shopper is right,abandoned or not,every child should be given a benefit of doubt,opportunity to explore the goodies that life has in stock,regardless of their background or up bringing...

  5. Is that surposed to be a law or a custom .?

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  8. very nice post i really like it it gives me alot of information....... richest country in the world

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  13. Thanks for this detailed post! i believe you and yes, i think we ought to stop this nonsense floating on the web about this girl-child marriage.

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